The weather can’t seem to make up its mind about what season it is, but we’re officially ready for spring. We love our classic wool Kromers, but we look forward to switching them out each year for their lighter counterparts. It feels sort of like going out for the first ice cream of the season. We’ve got a couple of new products in as well as some new colors in all your favorite styles, so we broke it down into this easy guide. Go ahead and shed those winter layers, we’ve still got you covered. 

This cap is named for its perfect partner, but its versatility goes beyond just trails. When you don’t want to leave your classic Kromer behind but it’s just too hot for the wool, this is your go-to. It keeps you dry and cool, with the classic earband protecting you from both sunburn and the first chill at dusk. The trail cap is especially ideal for woodsy trails, or even a day out on the golf course. Kromer Country contributor Anthony Iracki, and major hiking enthusiast, uses this cap on his favorite trails.

You’ll want to reach for this brand new cap along with your fishing pole when you’re headed for a long day on the boat. The foldable cape is handy to keep your neck protected from the sun and fold back up when you don’t need the added protection. Check out some of our favorite streams to fish while you’re here.

Keeping your head cool and your eyes shaded has never been achieved quite like this. On especially hot, dry days, you won’t want to leave this behind. A great U.P hike to go with this hat is a hiking tour of the Pictured Rocks. It’ll make your adventure much more comfortable and cool, so you can enjoy every moment.

An especially versatile option, this hat isn’t going anywhere. Whether it’s a windy day or relaxing at the beach or on the boat, the forager is always perfect. Especially if you’re doing just that-foraging. Another outdoor hobby we recommend this hat for is rock collecting. It’s a great way to add an element of learning and adventure to any regular hike or outing.

Michigan summers can have brutal heat, but it tends to cool off once the sun goes down around the fire. The Terry Hoodie is the perfect layer to throw on for those nights best spent outside with your favorite folks. To warm up even more, try out some campfire recipes to cure those late-night munchies.


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