Tail-Wagging Charm at Crystal Mountain: Meet Blue, the K9 Ambassador

We’ve got a tail-wagging story that’s bound to warm your heart and make you smile. Meet Blue, the lovable K9 Ambassador at Crystal Mountain Resort. If you’re a fan of furry friends, breathtaking landscapes, and a touch of Michigan charm, you’re in for a treat!

Fisher: The Original Trailblazer

It all started with Jeff, a real estate agent at Crystal Mountain Resort. About 8 years ago, after Jeff had been working at Crystal for a month or so, he introduced their broker to his 3-year-old golden, named Fisher. Naturally, everyone at Crystal became fast-friends with the pup. It was only a matter of time before he became a regular at the office. Fisher had been in an office environment before and naturally embraced the role of creating an inviting atmosphere for guests at Crystal Mountain. His warmth and friendly nature set the tone for Crystal Mountain’s hospitality, and soon Fisher became an official employee with a job description and training requirements; the K9 Ambassador position was born. 

Blue: Continuing the Legacy

Along came Blue, a loveable golden retriever born on July 30, 2022. Blue stepped into the role of K9 Ambassador and happily the tradition of making guests feel like family. While Fisher (and Jeff) was the trailblazer, Blue carried the torch forward with the same enthusiasm (and lots of wags). 

A Day in the Life of Blue

Blue’s daily routine is everything you would imagine. First thing in the morning, Blue checks his mailbox in the lobby – yep, you read that right, his mailbox – often bursting with letters and drawings from guests of Crystal Mountain. 

Donning his high-visibility vest, Blue checks out the offices and welcomes guests who stop in to meet him. Imagine being a golden retriever whose domicile includes over 1,000 square feet that are consistently filled with new faces… both young and old! Not to mention the fact that employees and guests have become close friends, a retriever’s heaven on Earth. 

During the warm seasons, most of his “work” takes place indoors, while in the winter, it’s common for him to make multiple visits to the slopes. He loves posing for photos with guests, and Jeff fills his Instagram daily with new snapshots of Blue being Blue.

"Stormy Kromer - symbolizes the lifestyle that all of us who make northern Michigan our home fell in love with."

Blue’s Top Picks for Fun and Frolic

Blue loves to run through the untracked powder areas found along the base of Crystal Mountain, and if you follow his Instagram, it’s obvious he loves posing for on-the-mountain photos with guests and families. 

Summertime brings warm weather and water sports. Blue is obsessed with dock diving and competed in his first Big Air Contest at the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City this past July, where his furthest jump was 20’ 7”!

Blue embodies the SK lifestyle, maximizing joy and making the most out of every season. 

Style and Comfort with Stormy Kromer

We asked Jeff why he’s drawn to Stormy Kromer: 

“The easy answer is that I love that Stormy Kromer is based in Michigan, but it goes much deeper than that. It symbolizes the lifestyle that all of us who make northern Michigan our home fell in love with. The patterns, styles, fabrics and textures perfectly represent our feelings about living “up north”. Comfort, versatility and style in all of our wonderful four seasons.”

And of course, he shares his love of SK with the K9 Ambassadors. Blue’s predecessor, Fisher, made the SK pet bandana part of the official uniform, and Blue has continued this Ambassador tradition every morning when he selects the day’s pattern

Tails, Trails, and Memories

Crystal Mountain has been rated as one of the best family ski areas in the United States, and Blue helps to set that tone for guests as they arrive. Let’s be honest, everyone wants to feel like they are more than just a customer when they do business with someone else. Stormy Kromer and Crystal Mountain have that special knack for making you feel like you really are part of their family.  

Whether you’re carving through the snow or lounging in the sun, Jeff and Blue remind us all that adventures are best enjoyed with a wet snout and a whole lot of heart.

Here’s to Fisher, Blue, and the incredible memories they’ve etched into Crystal Mountain Resort.

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