A Life Crafted by Nature and Family: Heidi’s Journey

Heidi smiles with her family in a snowy field (@withheidijoy).

Photo features Heidi Eitreim (@withheidijoy) and her family wearing The Snowdrift Cap and The Original Stormy Kromer.

In the heart of Minnesota, Heidi’s story resonates with the natural rhythms of the outdoors, the bonds of family, and the joys of outdoor exploration. Her journey took a distinctive turn seventeen years ago when she chose to step away from the corporate world and embrace the role of a stay-at-home mom, prioritizing family above all else. Raised with the dream of having a family, her path was illuminated by the joys of raising her children and instilling in them the values of resilience, teamwork, and a deep connection with the world around them. 

“It is my desire that my children grow up in an atmosphere - a home - where there is no delineation between learning and life.”

As a devoted mother, Heidi’s commitment extends beyond mere academics, it’s about ministering to her children’s hearts, nurturing a seamless blend of learning and life. Her desire is for her children to grow through active engagement, embracing a holistic learning approach that encompasses listening, reading, creating, and doing. 

Heidi’s love for the outdoors is rooted in Michigan’s U.P., where weekends were spent on the water in the summer and skiing in the winter. Every day was an opportunity for exploration and adventure. Embracing nature in her upbringing kindled a lifelong passion for the outdoors. Through exploring forests, fishing, and crafting snow tunnels, Heidi forged an indelible bond with the natural world. Now, living in Minnesota, her passion remains unwavering as she continues to forge lasting memories outdoors with her own family. 

The essence of Heidi’s family revolves around their motto: Work Hard – Play Hard. By intertwining their endeavors with outdoor exploration, they emphasize the values of perseverance, unity, and selflessness. Each outdoor adventure, from mountain biking to exploring new woodlands, serves as a canvas for growth and bonding. The family’s creative spirit thrives as Heidi’s three teenage boys embark on ventures like a mobile bike repair business and a forge, while she crafts nature and wildlife illustrations. Together, they’re building a Mercedes Sprinter van, primed for cross-country adventures, marking the epitome of a family united in purpose and exploration.

Reflecting on their family’s outdoor escapades, one memory shines as a beacon; a sled dog experience in Ely, MN, planned as a birthday surprise for her husband, brought an unexpected joy that enriched their connection and left an indelible mark on their family history. 

The Stormy Kromer legacy finds a seamless bond with Heidi’s values. The brand’s roots in ingenuity and hard work, resonating with her teachings to her children, provide an authentic alignment with her family’s ethos. 

“Growing up in the U.P., I feel like I’ve known of the hats since childhood – It wasn’t until I was looking for a good hat, a couple years back, to display my collection of enamel ski resort pins, that I thought, ‘Hey, a Stormy hat would be kinda fun!’ Nostalgic, ya know?!”

Heidi’s family visited the factory after a ski session at a nearby resort, where they learned the rich legacy of Stormy Kromer and how it’s more than just quality hats.

“We all walked out with a hat - even the puppy! We’re hooked!”

Heidi’s story, interwoven with the threads of family, nature, and Stormy Kromer, creates a tapestry of authenticity, strength, and unity. Through the ebb and flow of life, her journey showcases the beauty of a life lived by one’s core values and passions. 

You can learn more about Heidi at her website withheidijoy.com.

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  1. Thank you for sharing and representing us so well. We are proud ambassadors of the Stormy brand and look forward to this journey together.


    1. Stormy Kromer: Kromer Country

      You’re the best, Heidi! Thank you for being a part of Kromer Country.


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