At Stormy Kromer, we believe in adventure no matter the time of year–or the temperature outside. Although snow storms may keep us off the roads, several feet of the white fluffy stuff won’t keep us from enjoying the great outdoors. Here are some of our favorite activities to do with the whole family. 


Who doesn’t love a good trip downhill in a saucer? A joy ride on a toboggan? Sledding is always a great time with the little ones. Just get bundled up, find the best hills near you, and get going. 

You can find good sledding hills in a lot of places: parks, backyards, schools, and more. Your local neighborhood groups and park district websites are a good place to start searching. If that doesn’t work, sometimes some good advice is only a Google search away. 

Skiing & Snowboarding

Not only is a trip to a ski resort a lot of fun for the whole family, it can also be pretty affordable. In Michigan, 4th and 5th graders can get a pass to ski for free at dozens of resorts across the state. 

The Michigan Snowsports Industries Association’s Cold is Cool passport is $30 per child and works at 29 participating ski areas. Some of those resorts are also on our list of the best ski hills in the Midwest. Check out that blog for more on the best family-friendly spots, too. 


If you’re looking for something between sledding and skiing, then tubing might be your thing. Most spots that offer tubing will also tow you up the hill, which is great for smaller kids who may have trouble walking back up. 

Kids love the thrill of going down the hill, but it also doesn’t take the skill of skiing or snowboarding. Here are some great tubing spots in the Great Lakes State.

Snow Activities

There are a lot of fun ways to enjoy the snow without having to even leave your home. Getting out front and building a snowman is always a fun way to get the kids involved. You can even make it a contest to see who can make the tallest or best one. 

You can also make a Winter scavenger hunt for your kids. Hide things outside around the house and give them clues to where they might be. Whoever finds the most items hidden gets a prize at the end (maybe some hot chocolate)!

You can also turn the snow into your own personal art studio. Using environmentally friendly paints, or even water mixed with food coloring, have your kids create paintings in the yard. They can also give your snowman a little extra color.

We would love to hear from you about your favorite winter activities with the kids. Feel free to send us your ideas here.


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