Exploring the Ultimate Salmon Fishing Havens in the U.S.

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When it comes to heart-pounding angling experiences, few things rival salmon fishing. The United States has a wealth of prime salmon fishing destinations. Whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned pro, there’s a slice of angler’s paradise waiting just for you. 

Kenai River, Alaska

Prepare yourself for a fishing marathon on the Kenai River in Alaska. This mighty 82-mile-long river is renowned for its colossal king salmon. Casting your line into these pristine waters and you might just find yourself battling with some of the largest salmon on the planet. Kenai River offers a mix of all five salmon species – Pink, Chinook, Sockeye, Chum and Coho. While some river sections are open year-round, most fishing occurs from late May to early July. As you reel in your catch, you’ll be surrounded by untouched wilderness like no other.

Columbia River, Oregon & Washington

For those seeking an encounter with the Chinook salmon, the Columbia River, stretching through both Oregon and Washington, is where you want to be. Thousands of Chinooks embark on their upstream journey for spawning. This migration sets the stage for a salmon fishing showdown from May through September.

Altmar, New York

Located in New York’s serene woodland, Altmar has bountiful Steelhead and Coho. We’d recommend you head there from October to May as these two species enter the waters of The Salmon River. The river itself, a vital tributary for Pacific salmon and steelhead, plays host to over 120,000 Steelhead alone. Fly fishing is also extremely popular in this area. If you’ve ever thought of East Coast salmon fishing, Altmar should be high on your list.

Rogue River, Oregon

The Rogue River is where the Chinook and Coho are king. The river runs red with salmon during peak season from July to September. The Rogue River can be explored on the tranquil shores or by boatt. With colossal salmon awaiting, the Rogue River is one of the best you’ll ever fish.

Lake Michigan

The vast expanse of Lake Michigan is rich with Chinook, Coho, Steelhead, and Atlantic. Encompassing over 22,000 square miles, this great lake boasts an array of fishing spots. The April to October period marks the pinnacle of salmon fishing glory here, and the Platte Bay Area, in particular, is a hotspot that seasoned anglers frequent.

Your Backyard

Salmon fishing is a chapter every angler must mark in their story. The best part? You don’t need to venture far to unlock some of the planet’s most incredible fishing spots. From the untamed wilderness of Alaska to the enchanting waters of Lake Michigan, the United States offers a host of opportunities to cast your line.

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