Top 8 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

We’re gonna go ahead and stop you before you purchase those roses and heart shaped chocolates again. We’ve got a few recommendations that’ll make it easy for you and wow her at the same time. The best part is, you won’t even have to go anywhere—you can do it all online. It’s that easy. 

Do yourself a favor too…buy the gift bag, tissue paper and card. The little things go a long way. Remember, the gift on bottom, tissue on top, and the handwritten card slipped along the side. You got this.

Oh, and remember to account for shipping time. No points for gifts that arrive a week late—even if it is Stormy Kromer. 

With all that, here’s our top 8 Valentine’s Day gifts for her. 

The Petal Pusher Cap

Stormy Kromer Petal Pusher Cap

Trust us when we tell you it’s stylish (we all struggle with trends). It’s also practical and comes in multiple patterns. It has the comfort and durability of the wool blend, flannel-lined Original with a touch of flair. It’ll keep her head warm when she’s out hunting or watching you slap pucks on the pond.

The Iron Belle Hat

Iron Belle Cap

This is the perfect hat for date night, which you’re currently planning for Valentine’s Day. As they say, bucket hats are “in.” Trust us on this. Made from a combination of wool, it’s functional and looks good too.

The Swallowtail Jacket

The Swallow Tail Jacket

Who doesn’t love a good jacket? This will really say you care. You took the time to pick it out, spent a bit more money, and chose one of our top sellers. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back with this purchase. 

Saturday Poncho

Saturday Poncho

This poncho is perfect for hockey games, curling or some pond hockey—we’re talking about her here, not you. It’s made from a soft, cozy wool blend to keep her warm and comfortable, no matter what “activity” you’ve got planned.

Main Street Clutch

Main Street Clutch

This one’s another great gift for the date night you’re currently planning (hint hint). It comes in two patterns, and the wrist strap makes it easy for her to carry. It’s made from wool, durable and stylish.

Wax Cotton Tote

Wax cotton tote

This tote—yes, we said tote—is perfect for carrying gear and supplies. You can probably sneak a few beverages in there for that date night you’ve definitely got planned. Made from durable waxed cotton, it’s built to withstand the elements. The nylon straps make it easy to carry, and the spacious interior is great for carrying all the “essentials.”

Wool Blanket

Wool Throw Blanket

Be real, she’s going to want to cuddle on V-Day. This wool blanket is the perfect gift just for that (in case you forgot to plan anything). Made from a soft, warm wool blend, it’s perfect for snuggling (that’s another word for cuddling). Plus, the classic plaid design will look good on you too.

Ida’s Mittens

Ida MItten

They’re cozy and perfect for holding hands, plus it’ll match the rest of her Stormy gear. 

Choose a gift that speaks to her interests—or will earn you major brownie points—and let’s make this the first Valentine’s Day you’re not sleeping on the couch. 

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