Pet of the Month: December 2020

We are proud to feature an adorable Labrador Retriever named Aspen in our final pet blog post of 2020. Aspen lives with her family in Salmon, Idaho. At the time of this photo, Aspen was still a puppy, but her life had already been full of adventure.

Her adventures began when her parents saw her picture in a classified ad. They drove 12 hours round trip to pick her up because from that one photograph, they knew she was meant to be with them. Since then, the adventures haven’t stopped. Living in the mountains of Idaho, the family enjoys activities like hunting, hiking, fishing, whitewater rafting, and of course, playing in the snow. Aspen is always right alongside her parents, enjoying every adventure.

Since her family spends most of their time enjoying the great outdoors, they love their Stormy Kromer gear. They are now sharing their passion and love for Stormy Kromer with Aspen. Thank you for including our company in your family traditions.  We know that you’ll be looking sharp on all your future adventures.

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