As the holidays draw near, we wanted to provide updates on product availability, order processing times and shipping.

Our team here at Stormy Kromer headquarters has done unbelievable work in 2020. Because of the shutdown earlier in the year, we lost nine weeks of critical production time. However, for the most part, we have managed to manufacture enough products to meet customer demand. Most of our core products remain available.

There are some products that have either oversold our expectations, or that have had delays in the material supply chain. When this happens, those products are unavailable as we work as hard as we can to rebuild stock as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, delivery times have been a challenge. Traditionally, we use the United States Postal Service for most of our shipments. It is the most economical method and traditionally has been quite reliable. This year, however, we realize there have been transit times of up to 4-5 weeks (or more), and as we near the holidays, that is unacceptable.

In the next week, we will be switching the majority of our shipments to FedEx. We have been working closely with our FedEx rep to understand how they will be handling their peak season, and we have confidence that this is the best option for us and for you. (There are two exceptions to this – if you are shipping to a P.O. Box or military address, USPS is the only option. Please consider placing these types of orders ASAP to ensure holiday delivery.)

Our distribution team stands ready to pick and pack all your holiday orders. While they strive to ship packages within 1-2 days of ordering, please have patience with us around our promotional events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Our crew will put in overtime and work hard to get those packages out as quickly as they can; they just might need an extra day or two.

And while we will be taking holiday orders all the way through December 18th, if you can place your order earlier, we encourage you to do so.

We appreciate the support you have shown our company this year as we pivoted to PPE, and then came back online to our regular production. It means so much to us as a small, family-owned sewing company in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

For questions, you can connect with our Customer Service team at 888-455-2253 or

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  1. I was ready to place an order until I learned that you will be using FedEx for shipping. I live south of Detroit and FedEx shipping to our address has been terrible. Everything coming into the Detroit area goes through the FedEx facility in Oak Park and that place has such a bad reputation that it made the national new a couple months ago. Is there any chance you can ship with UPS. If not, I am more than satisfied with USPS. Have not had any problems with either one. Thank you.


    1. Stormy Kromer: Kromer Country

      Hi Anthony – If you would like to give our Customer Service team a call at 888-455-2253, they can override our shipping defaults and set you up with UPS if you would prefer. Tell them you spoke with Gina about this. Hope this helps.


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