Pet of the Month: September 2020

Although back to school looks a little different for everyone this year, our featured pup Oliver is definitely ready to learn! This charming and adorable 3-month old Golden Retriever puppy is from Iron Mountain, Michigan.

In addition to learning how to become an adult dog, Oliver is studying for another reason. Both he and his speech-language pathologist mom are hoping to get Oliver trained as a full-fledged therapy dog.  Once he’s certified, he can go to work with mom and help kids and adults at the same time.  How wonderful is that?

When he isn’t studying to reach his future goals, this outgoing boy is always up for an adventure, a game of chase with the neighbor kids or a nice day of hanging out with the local dogs. Oliver is also remarkably calm for just being a puppy and that relaxed attitude is definitely noticeable when he eats.  He always has to lie down to eat which is such a cute trait – being so smart and lovable must really wear him out!

At Stormy Kromer, we pride ourselves on making great products that are strong, reliable and dependable and we believe Oliver really embodies all of those traits.  Good luck at therapy school Oliver, we know you’ll graduate at the top of your class.

p.s. Sorry to those of you who might be wondering about the plaid tote bag Oliver is sitting in – unfortunately this product was discontinued a few years ago. Click here to see our current bag collection.

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  2. Oh please bring back the retired plaid tote 🙂


    1. Stormy Kromer: Kromer Country

      We will pass this on to our product team!


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