Pet of the Month: July 2020

June 2020 Pet of the Month
June 2020 Pet of the Month

Our July featured pet is Skye, a Jack Russell mix who lives in Rhinelander, Wisconsin with her loving family. After being found wondering the streets of nearby Lac Du Flambeau she was brought to the Vilas County Humane Society where her new family fell in love with her. 

Skye has lived with her new family for about two years and she loves kayaking, boating, chasing chipmunks or ducks, cuddling with her family, and YES – even motorcyling! She’s also a very social dog who has to say hello to every new person and dog that she meets. 

Since Stormy Kromer Caps are a tradition in northern Wisconsin, her family thought it was only fitting that Skye had one too. Between her Critter Kromer and googles, she is definitely the most stylish Jack Russell out on the road! Keep your eyes peeled this summer as you might catch Skye out on a road trip with her family while rocking her Critter Kromer. We hope you have some great bike adventures Skye. We think you look great!  

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