Pet of the Month: April 2020

The featured pet for April is a charming Labrador Retriever named Wrigley. Wrigley was 8-weeks old when she found her forever family, the Steigers. They adopted her from a breeder in Minnesota and brought her back to their home in Bessemer, MI, just one town over from Stormy Kromer Headquarters.

In addition to being more than adorable, Wrigley also has some puppy quirks that we think are just too cute. One of her delightful obsessions is with seeing her reflection in windows or mirrors. She gets very excited because she thinks she has a new puppy playmate. She barks at herself, wags her tail and very enthusiastically tries to find her reflection. She also will try to chase her tail over and over until she gets dizzy.  She’ll run in circles like crazy until she falls right over.  How cute is that? 

Wrigley’s last puppy habit, and it happens to be our favorite, is her love of cereal. Whenever her family gets out a cereal box, Wrigley gets so excited and desperately wants to enjoy the cereal too. Wrigley is also super fortunate (in our humble opinion) to be part of a family that is full of proud Stormy Kromer wearers.  They love living here on the western end of the Upper Peninsula and sporting their Stormy Kromer gear as they enjoy the beautiful seasons up north. 

When her human mom spotted the Furry Friend Shirt Collar that matched a shirt she already owns, she knew it belonged around Wrigley’s neck. We think you look beautiful Wrigley. Thank you Steiger Family for making sure everyone in your family is representing Stormy Kromer!

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