Pet of the Month: March 2020

The March featured pet is an adorable beagle named Radar.  Just look at those eyes! Radar found his forever home in Howell, Michigan after his owners, Lauren & Brandon Streeter, took a trip on a whim to a local farmer that had a litter of beagles. 

Radar was the most outgoing of the litter as he was the first to leave the kennel and greet them. The family insists that Radar chose them since he sat down on Lauren’s foot, claiming her as his own. 

Radar’s human parents call him a cuddle monster – he loves them so much that he needs to be touching them at all times in bed. Although Radar thinks their king-sized bed is his own, he also loves his luxurious Stormy Kromer dog bed.  He likes to curl up on it right beside the fireplace. 

Brandon has been a Stormy Kromer fan for years and he’s especially fond of anything in red/black plaid. When they found out Stormy Kromer offered plaid pet products, they knew Radar needed to start his own collection. 

In addition to loving to cuddle, Radar has the funniest quirk in regard to his doggy cheese. When he is given his cheese, he runs around the house incessantly trying to find a good hiding place for it so his parents won’t steal it. That’s good plan Radar, you have to protect your cheese! 

Radar, we’re so glad you’re enjoying your Stormy Kromer bed and honestly, we think you picked your owners because you sensed the Kromer vibe from them and you knew they were the parents for you. Thanks for making Stormy Kromer a part of your family tradition!

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