Pet of the Month: January 2020


As the New Year begins and we turn our calendars to 2020, all of us at Stormy Kromer are excited to unveil the winners of our latest pet photo contest. 

This gorgeous girl named Octa kicks off 2020 as our January featured pet.  Otca is a 7-month old Springer Spaniel who loves to swim, hunt frogs and spend time on canoes with her family.  They make their home in Schofield, Wisconsin but they also have a cabin up Stormy Kromer headquarters where this photo was taken.  She is named after a vintage Old Town Canoe Wood Canvas model that you could’ve ordered back in the day.  The Morris canoe in the photo with Octa is over 100 years old, which is around the same time the Original Stormy Kromer was created, so we know her owners appreciate high quality USA-made products rich with history.  We are so glad her family was able to snap this beautiful photo of her in the vintage canoe when they did because shortly after the picture was taken, Octa and her Critter Kromer went over the side into the water!  I guess the temptation to take a swim was just too much for this sweet water-loving breed. 

When Octa’s family was on the our factory tour and saw the Critter Kromer, they knew she had to have one.  Her mom’s great grandfather wore a Stormy Kromer, so she decided the tradition was going to continue on even with the canine family members.  On the day Octa first donned her Critter Kromer at the Musky Jamboree evening concert in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin, she was quite the celebrity.  Word quickly spread of the adorable Springer with the hat and she posed for numerous photos.  Since many onlookers wondered where she got her hat, it sounds like we have to thank Octa and her family for the great advertising! Thanks for spreading the word on the Critter Kromer and for keeping legendary brands like Stormy Kromer a staple in your family. 

We still have a few copies of our 2020 Wall Calendar available, which features Octa and 13 other adorable animals. Grab yours now before they are sold out!

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  1. Joseph R DeRooy January 1, 2020 at 5:26 pm

    How can I get one of your calendars?


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