Stormy Kromer November Pet
Stormy Kromer November Pet

This month we’re proud to feature a cat looking splendid in her Stormy Kromer Pet Bandana. Princess Kitty hails from Stormy Kromer’s hometown of Ironwood, Michigan.

Princess Kitty was adopted by her owner, Pat Lagalo at a Petco event. She had been surrendered by her former family who could no longer take care of her – and it was clear this was a tough decision for them, as they had prepaid the adoption fee.

Pat tells us that Princess Kitty acts more like a dog than a cat, pawing at the front door to be let out, and meowing outside when she’s ready to be let back in.

Being from Ironwood, Stormy Kromer has been a household name for many many years in the Lagalo family, so they figured, why not bring their pets into the tradition as well?

Princess Kitty also graces the November page of our 2019 Wall Calendar. We are currently taking pre-orders for our 2020 Calendar, featuring a new batch of adorable animals submitted by our customers. Pre-ordering will ensure that you get a copy – don’t miss out!

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