Ernest is our September pet of the month, and the first to feature our Classic Dog Bed. His owner, Melissa, told us he fell asleep on his new bed immediately upon trying it. Love at first sight!

Ernest was Melissa’s first dog. She told us that as a puppy he was a very challenging and mischievous dog but has grown into the most mellow and noble dog, with many human qualities including the way he lounges on furniture and proudly wears clothes for the occasional photo op. He once won a costume contest for his Yankee Doodle portrayal!

Melissa purchased this Stormy Kromer bed for him “because it’s one of the few well-made dog beds on the market that’s big enough for him to spread out on. And, being a Marquette, Michigan dog, he loves plaid!” She’s even found it’s the perfect spot for him to curl up and stay calm during a scary thunderstorm.

Remember, this is the last month for you to enter your own pet into our photo contest – so they can star in our 2020 Wall Calendar and be featured on our blog! All the entry details can be found here. (Entries due September 30.) And if you need some gear for that perfect shot, there’s still time to shop our Pet Products Collection.

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