Fern the Goat in Stormy Kromer
Fern the Goat in Stormy Kromer

It’s August, and we’re so excited to be featuring a pet that is NOT a dog this month! When we created the Critter Kromer, we knew it would appeal to more than just dogs, and we wanted a name that wasn’t limited to our canine friends.

Fern is a goat who lives with his family in St. Clair, Michigan, and we think his Critter Kromer does a fantastic job of accommodating those ears of his. His owner Peyton told us, “I purchased Fern on a whim when he was just a week old and had to bottle feed him for 4 months. He may look like a goat, but in his heart he completely believes he is a dog.”

To prove it, he loves joy riding in Peyton’s jeep with the top off and stopping at his favorite place – Tim Horton’s – where he can enjoy a 20-pack of Timbits all to himself.

Fern apparently also likes to look fashionable while browsing flowers he’s not supposed to eat, which is why his Critter Kromer was a perfect fit.

This month we’re also excited to announce our 2020 Pet Photo Contest! If you’d like to see your dog, cat, horse, goat, bunny or any other pet featured in our 2020 calendar, head on over to this blog post for all the details, entry information, and complete rules. Entries accepted through September 30th.

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