Stormy Kromer July Pet
Stormy Kromer July Pet
Sam, a Border Collie from Bloomer, WI, our July featured pet.

Can you blame our employee voters for falling in love with Sam’s cute face, especially those eyes?

Sam lives with his owner Sarah in Bloomer, Wisconsin – she got him as a puppy from a sheep farmer who also raises Border Collies in northern Wisconsin.

Sarah says that unlike a typical Border Collie (with their reputation for being a little high strung), Sam is a laid back canine who loves to spend time with any human or other animal. If you’re sad, Sam is there for you with quiet snuggles, and if you’re happy, he’s ready to party!

When we asked her what the connection was between Sam and Stormy Kromer she said, “Some of the best people and biggest animal lovers I know happen to also be loyal Stormy Kromer customers. There’s just something about dogs and Stormy Kromer that seems like a natural fit.”

She added, “I think Sam would tell you that he loves his Critter Kromer because it makes him extra handsome, and scores him extra ear scratches from everyone he meets.”

It’s been just about a year since we launched our Pet Products Collection, and the response has been amazing. So for the animal lovers out there, a few teasers:

  1. Look for some new pet items to be added to our website soon! Sometime this month. We’ll announce on email and social media.
  2. Our photo contest for the 2020 Wall Calendar will launch on August 1st – stay tuned for all the details and get your pets ready for their close-up!

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