Stormy Cattle Dogs
Stormy Cattle Dogs
Gecko, SoBe, Shade, Mary Jane

How adorable is this photo? And so well trained!!

Heather from Casco, Michigan entered this photo into our pet photo contest last year and it was another one that our staff immediately and almost unanimously put into the winners pile.

Heather is the breeder of this beautiful family of Australian cattle dogs starting with the Grandmother, Gecko, on the far left. While they are all finished champions, she really considers them her kids. A Stormy Kromer fan herself, she knew she had to buy them all Critter Kromers and bandanas and she was glad to find out they all enjoyed wearing the gear.

Heather says they are a silly bunch, who are all ball crazy and who live to please her. That must be the secret to this perfectly posed photo.

Do you have the perfectly trained and adorable pet who loves their SK gear? Keep following our posts throughout the summer and look for the announcement of our next photo contest soon.

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