This month it’s our pleasure to introduce you to Miss Daisy Mae, who lives with her owner Nicole in Hilbert, Wisconsin. Besides being incredibly cute, Daisy brings joy, love and even safety into the life of Nicole.

Once in the middle of the night, while Nicole was fast asleep, Daisy woke her up. Nicole keep trying to get her to go back to sleep but Daisy would not listen. She eventually jumped on the bed, got just a few inches from Nicole’s face and started pawing at her persistently. Nicole got up and realized her blood sugar was incredibly low – she had been a Type 1 diabetic since she was 21. Daisy knew something wasn’t right that night and she wasn’t going to stop until Nicole listened.

In addition to being Nicole’s guardian, she has her quirky traits too. She lets out a howl like a freight train when she greets someone. She goes sturgeon spearing on Lake Winnebago. And she carries thing around in her mouth, so she can hide them from you – carrots and tomatoes from the garden and even chicken eggs! She’s never broken an egg carrying it around, only when she’s told to drop what’s in her mouth and it goes crashing to the ground.

Nicole was introduced to the Stormy Kromer brand by her grandfather – not unlike many other Stormy Kromer customers. Everyone in her family has some kind of SK gear. When Nicole saw the new SK pet collection last year, she just had to get Daisy her very own outfit.

Thanks to Nicole for submitting this great photo and story! Remember to watch for our next photo contest in late summer so that you can share your pet’s story and photo with us too.

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