Stormy Kromer and WIMI “The Storm”

WIMI The Storm

WIMI The Storm

Earlier this fall, we were approached by the management of one of our local radio stations, WIMI 99.7, “The Storm”. They were working on rebranding the station, and when they began to brainstorm logo concepts, an image of a Stormy Kromer cap was thrown out.

We’re very proud of the community we call home – with roots here going back 4 generations, and a love of the values (resilience, hard work and humility) that seem to permeate not only Ironwood, but the entire Upper Peninsula.

So when they told us they couldn’t think of a better visual representation of the area and wanted to make it a part of their new branding, we got to work on a partnership with WIMI – co-designing a logo we can both be proud of, developing cross-marketing campaigns and of course, outfitting the station’s employees in Stormy Kromer gear.

Sean Craig, Program Director at WIMI, shares: “The visible icon of the Stormy Kromer cap is a trademark of life in the Northwoods. To tie that in with WIMI was an opportunity for us to further enhance our logo and to showcase our station as a Northwoods classic. As the area’s flagship station for Green Bay Packers Football and Wisconsin Badgers Sports this was exactly what we were looking for. Stormy Kromer rocks the Northwoods with attire, and we take care of your ears, toes and soul with Packers, Badgers and iconic classic rock.”

We’re thrilled with the result and look forward to many years of working with the team at WIMI. When you’re in the area, be sure to check them out, or listen online now.

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