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This week, we’re honored to have a guest writer on our blog. Enjoy!

Every time I wear my brimless Stormy Kromer on the streets of New York City I get looks which is sayin’ somethin’ because it’s hard to catch the eye of a native New Yorker. They tend to be elsewhere. It has a lot to do with having seen everything there is to see and knowing everything there is to know. After a half dozen double takes, I started answering the unanswerable.

“It’s a Stormy Kromer.”

Jack Lemmon told me once, “Kid, if you want to make it in this business, you gotta be different.” I’m happy to report that wearing a Kromer on the streets of Manhattan qualifies. That said, I don’t remember exactly where I was when it happened. Probably the Upper West Side. I saw him coming towards me from half a block away. I slowed my walk, eyeballing this complete stranger wearing what could only be a Kromer. Little black shoelace in the front. Perfectly tied.

“Nice hat,” he said. And kept right on walking.

For a New Yorker, that’s a rave.

— Jeff Daniels

These are the stories of real people who embody, emulate, or otherwise exhibit the short-list of values we care about most at Stormy Kromer—kindness, family, neighborliness, resilience, graciousness, strength, adventure, and a love of the elements (both urban and natural)—despite any adversity. We build caps, clothes, and accessories for a special community that’s not only eager to thrive within those elements, but also give something back. Our clothes are made like them. Like you. These are your stories.

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8 Replies to “Made Like You: Jeff Daniels”

  1. I have several Stormy Kromer items. A few hats, a vest and my favorite item, my Mackinaw coat. Sure, I buy SK because, like me, they are made in Michigan but I buy them mostly because they are made well and they work well. Worth every penny.


  2. I bought my Stormy hat because I love quality, and things made in my home state of Michigan. I am a Yooper, who now lives in southern Michigan. The popularity of Stormy Kromer is growing, even in this neck of the woods. Next up-the Mackinaw coat.


  3. Rick from Spruce November 21, 2017 at 8:51 pm

    My first Kromer was a charcoal Mackinaw, because it could be worn casual, play, or dressed up. My second is a Harris tweed, maybe a little more formal. My third is a waxed cotton cap and it gets worn the most, unless it is super cold and snowing then I pull out the red plaid Rancher along with the tough mitts. I wish I had the Michigan logo on all of them, but sadly I don’t, maybe my next Kromer.


  4. I have a black wool Stormy Kromer which I have worn for over 10 years- still in great shape.


  5. No one could represent Stormy Kromer better than Jeff Daniels. Jeff is truly a Michigander who loves this state. Thanks for the story, it is exactly how he would respond. Thank you Stormy Kromer for making wonderful products. A Michigan company with great values and wonderful products.


  6. I have six hats, three vests, a jacket and a wool pullover. I am proud to wear all of them. They are very comfortable. I have made many trips to the factory and enjoy the people. I’m from Wisconsin but feel I’m part Yooper. My annual deer camp tradition is to watch “Escanaba in the moonlight”.


  7. I am a Coloradoan living in Athens, Greece and repping the brand with two cabby tweed caps and three kromers. Wish there was one with a USA on it to wear as well since it is the land of the Olympic Games. My thanks to you all. Great brand. Great wear.


  8. Denver D Woodard December 3, 2017 at 9:35 am

    I am the proud owner of two Stormy Kromer caps. And yes when you see someone with their Stormy proudly perched on their noggin you feel that grin spread across your face and you see that same grin appears on the face of the stranger passing you by. It’s then you know that you belong to a very special club.


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