SK Gifts Under $100

If you’re looking for a truly special gift for the Stormy Kromer fan on our gift list, take a look at our top pics between $50-$100.

SK Gifts Under $100

  1. The Button Up Cap with Harris Tweed in Sutherland. $59.99
  2. The Original Stormy Kromer Cap with Harris Tweed in Lowell. $59.99
  3. Tough Mitts in Charcoal. $59.99
  4. The Crossroads Purse in Black. $59.99
  5. The Flannel Shirt in Isle Royale. $99.99
  6. The Cabin Blanket in Red Cedar. $99.99
  7. The Stormy Kromer Graphic Hoodie. $79.99

(Worried about hat sizing? Learn more about sizing here, complete with downloadable measuring tape.)

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