SK Classic Gifts

We’ve added quite a few new products in the past few years, but sometimes you just want to stick with the classics. It all starts with our Original Cap, which pairs great with our Mackinaw Coat – a traditional wool hunting coat made in America, just like the rest of our products. To stay even warmer, add a Button Vest underneath it and our take on the traditional chopper mitts.

SK Classic Gifts

  1. Tough Mitts in Olive. $59.99
  2. The Original Stormy Kromer Cap in Black. $44.99
  3. The Wool Button Vest in Charcoal. $149.99
  4. The Mackinaw Coat in Red/Black Plaid. $279.99-$299.99

(Worried about hat sizing? Learn more about sizing here, complete with downloadable measuring tape.)

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