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Holiday Wish ListHave you been entering our daily Stormy Wish contest with the hope that your husband/wife/mom/friend will see what you’re wishing for? Just in case you don’t win any free stuff from us, we’ve created this form to make sure your wishes make it to the “Santa” in your life.

Just fill out the form below and the person you indicate will get an email from someone on the Stormy Kromer team. Not a form email, an actual response from one of our friendly folks letting the person know exactly what you’d like for the holidays along with where to buy it – both online in locally.

What are you waiting for? Submit your Wish List today!


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One Reply to “Your 2015 Wish List”

  1. I hope I win.
    Bill you sent some hats to my kids. A few years ago! I’m Lido Paoli,s daughter!
    Thanks for that and supporting the Aurora Borealus photo contest.
    Merry Christmas!?


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