2015 Gift Guides: The Originals

The Original Kromer Cap has endured for over 100 years – and for good reason. It’s durable, functional and uniquely stylish. The rest of the items featured in this gift guide, while not 100 years old, form the foundation of our classic Midwestern product line.

The Original Stormy Kromer Cap – $39.99

The Original Stormy Kromer Cap

This six-panel, hand-stitched beauty is built for long-lasting comfort, and for more than 100 years, it’s been an icon of the great American outdoors. If that’s something you identify with – or at least enjoy pictures of – this cap will look great on you. Select colors and sizes on sale in our outlet. In Red/Black Plaid (shown) and 10 other colors.

The Ida Kromer Cap – $39.99

Ida Kromer Cap

This cap is designed for women who love the outdoors. Confident. Capable. And comfortable in any weather. Like the original, the Ida Kromer (shown in Pink) is made with a premium brushed 80/20 wool/nylon blend. Plus a soft 100% cotton lining for extra cushion. In a word: beautiful. Check out select colors and sizes in our outlet.

The Waxed Cotton Cap – $44.99

Waxed Cotton Cap

Our three-season water-repelling cap is a lightweight alternative to the Original – made with rugged and durable 10 oz. paraffin-treated 100% cotton. Perfect for soggy spring mornings and frosty bird hunts. Show in Dark Oak and available in 3 other colors.

Button Vest – $139.99-$149.99

Button Vest

This contemporary vest (shown in Charcoal) gives you full freedom of movement, the ultra-durability of premium 26 oz. virgin wool, five pockets, a fashionable four-button front, and one more way to get dressed up.

The Flannel Shirt – $99.99

Flannel Shirt

It’s appropriate for lumberjacks, skateboarders and your husband, who hopefully falls somewhere in between. A classic flannel shirt is good on every guy, and this is the softest, beefiest shirt you’re bound to find. Featuring our unique yoke pattern, button front pocket and 100% cotton, this wear-it-anywhere wonder will make your man more manly, no matter what. Shown in Isle Royal and available in 3 other colors, including classic Red/Black Plaid.

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