Outfitter Vests

Do your gift giving with confidence with this list of items – tried and true and consistent best-sellers.

Best Selling Men’s Cap
The Original Stormy Kromer Cap – $39.99

Original Stormy Kromer Cap

it’s the cap that started it all, and it’s still the best-selling after more than 100 years. Still virtually the same as the first cap Ida stitched for her husband George, this legendary cap is guaranteed for life and handmade in the Midwest.

Best Selling Women’s Cap
The Petal Pusher Cap – $44.99

The Petal Pusher Cap

We’re not sure what George “Stormy” Kromer would make of it, but The Petal Pusher has been turning heads ever since its introduction a few years ago. Women love how they can look great, stay warm and carry on a tradition, all at the same time. Be warned: wearing this cap could result in an abundance of compliments! A few select colors and sizes can be found in our outlet.

Best Selling Men’s & Women’s Apparel
The SK Outfitter Vest – $119.99
The Ida Outfitter Vest – $109.99

Outfitter Vests

Our Outfitter style vests top the list for both men’s and women’s apparel. Made with the same 23-25 oz. wool as our caps, these modern yet comfortable vests come in a range of solids and plaids for both men and women.

Best Selling Non-Caps
Ida’s Mittens – $49.99
Tough Mitts – $59.99

Men's and Women's Mitts

The numbers were so close, we had to call this category a tie. Let’s just say that customers love our mittens. Both made from our premium 80/20 wool nylon, the men’s Tough Mitts feature a full goatskin palm, while Ida’s Mittens have a strip of goatskin across the palm. Lined with polyester sherpa, these mittens don’t need any fancy technology to keep you warm – the wool and animal skin are built for nature’s worst.

Best Selling Bag
The Stormy Kromer Carryall – $119.99


No matter where you’re headed or what you’re bringing, this sturdy tote travels in style. And with a rugged wool/nylon blend, cotton twill lining, waxed cotton bottom and a plethora of pockets, it will hold just about anything you’re strong enough to carry. Happy customers report using the Carryall for a diaper bag, book bag, laptop case, beach bag and more!

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