Happy Holidays from Stormy Kromer

A Holiday Wish from Stormy Kromer

A Holiday Wish from Stormy Kromer

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  1. I don’t know if I’m alone, But my Kromer was too tall on the top of my head, I literally looked like Elmer Fudd, grrr! I decided to shrink the wool covering. I srayed it w/ water, and dryed it right away with a blow dryer, and I watched it shrink, to what is a really nice head-form??! I then let it dry overnight on the top of 2 rolled up bathtowels, rolled up, it helps shape the Kromer, anyone can do this, then I used the hairdryer to shrink specific points on the top of the Kromerica!!! It worked, how cool i that? Then I came on here and it appears noone has thought of this before me!!!! The tighter the fibers, the less movement, the less wear and tear


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