Alan Svoboda, Stormy Kromer Designer

We’d like to introduce you to Alan Svoboda. As our Lead Designer, Alan brings us the initial concepts and sketches for our new products each season. His resume includes companies like J Crew and Target, but his real passion is American-made brands. Today, he talks about why American made matters to him – and why it should to you this holiday season.

alansquareOne of my favorite things about buying American made products is the quality. From first sight, to first touch, you can see and feel the difference immediately. Growing up, like most, I never gave a second thought about where my garments were produced. It wasn’t until I began shopping at thrift stores for vintage clothing that I began to take notice of the superiority American made products exude. Here were 70 year old garments, designed to be used under very grueling circumstances, and they were still in great shape. It was seeing these pieces of history that made me realize the importance of our American manufacturing traditions, and all the stories each one of these garments has to tell. You see it’s not about the products keeping up with the latest “trend”; it’s about the product keeping up with our demanding lifestyles. A piece of apparel that’s an investment, not because it cost more than something you would buy from a big-box store, but because it’s something you will wear for the rest of your life.

Here at Stormy Kromer we design apparel and accessories with you in mind. Made like you, by people like you. Outfitting our customers with products designed with a classic style, made from the highest quality materials, and manufactured in America by real people who care about the products they produce. Our garments are up to the task, and now it’s up to you to write your story. So spread the American made message this holiday season, and let’s raise the tide together. After all, quality is the gift that keeps on giving.

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2 Replies to “Why American Made?”

  1. Phatty Tire Mager December 4, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    I just wanted to send a little note on my stormy rescue. I was wandering around our local St.Vincent DePaul store in Ishpeming MI. I came upon a hat that is very recognizable to the yooper life, and that is what caught my eye. I said in a very soft voice, sweet it’s a stormy. So with that I jumped into action to save the hat, and with excitement brewing to see if it fit. I donned the dark blue woolly excitement. Darn! Too small. But, wait this will fit my youngest and it still fits his ever growing noggin today and still is his favorite. My thoughts is that this hat came my/son’s way for a reason. Love what you guys are doing, and have a great holiday season U.P. Power!


    1. Stormy Kromer: Kromer Country

      What a wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing – and may you have a wonderful holiday season as well.


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