In early August, we had an amazing surprise visitor show up at our factory. Bob Beaubien, the son and nominator of our 2013 Living Legend, Laura Mae Beaubien.

Bob was in the middle of a 6400 mile cross-country tour on his Harley, and we were honored that he chose to stop and see his. We’re also glad he took so many photos, and kindly shared them with us. Enjoy!

Of course, the photos have to start with Bob standing next to the wall of tribute we have for his mom (and Dad too).

He couldn’t resist having his picture taken with our 1954 Louisville Slugger that is personalized for George “Stormy” Kromer.

Next he posed with Kirsten, Customer Service Manager, and KJ, Division Manager.

In addition to the factory tour, he had to get some pics to our big hat statue. (Nice bike!)

Then, when he heard a few of us were working a booth at Loon Day, about 22 miles out of his way, he decided to check out what the event was all about, and get some more photos taken, this time with Gina.

Of course he had to celebrate his arrival into Michigan as well!

And if you’re wondering about the t-shirt he is wearing, check out this family photo with Laura in the middle and her kids surrounding her. I’d say Laura’s family is pretty darn proud of her. As they should be.

Nominations for the 2014 Living Legend will be opening in early October. Start thinking about who you think is worthy of this honor!

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4 Replies to “6400 Miles”

  1. Laurie Beaubien Collins August 28, 2013 at 8:49 pm

    AMAZING!!! So very proud of my Mom and my big brother for making the stop at SK – wish we all (6 kids) could!

    Thank You!!!


  2. Thanks Gina…this is really a heart string puller…I’m so proud of my Mother and my special family friends at Stormy Kromer . What a treat ! thanks for the cudo’s.


    1. What a great family! Many happy memories growing up and coming home to all the surprises to our house being decorated. Sorry I missed the visit your parents made to my parents in Michigan.


  3. WOW!! I am speechless again! Such a tribute. Son Bob is home safe after an awesome trip and so happy that he stopped to see our Stormy Kromer “Crew” !! Wish I could have been there……. Hugs to all of you, Laura πŸ™‚


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