The first day of spring (theoretically)

According to my calendar, it’s the first day of spring.

According to this photo, it is not.

This photo was taken just minutes ago looking out one of the windows in our breakroom. That’s snow you see, built up and blocking most of the window. To be fair, some of it is from drifts and some may be from the last time we shoveled the roof, but nevertheless, there is that much snow piled up on the side of our building. On March 20.

Here’s a few more photos I snapped this afternoon:

When you live in an area called Big Snow Country and work for a company like Stormy Kromer, you end up having very mixed feelings about snow in March.

  • Positive: People still need to buy warm winter clothing this late in the season, which is great for sales!
  • Negative: At this point, we’re all kind of sick of wearing our warm winter clothing. Except our Kromers, of course (we’re never sick of them), but we would be okay with switching to a lighter version, such as the Waxed Cotton or Field Cap. We’re definitely ready to put the Ranchers away for a few months.
  • Positive: We can still participate in fun, cold-weather activities such as downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing and snowmobiling.
  • Negative: We still have to participate in not-so-fun cold-weather activities such as shoveling and plowing.
  • Positive: When the sun shines and sparkles on the white snow, it’s like living in a snow globe. It’s beautiful.
  • Negative: When the sun does make it’s way out from behind the near-constant cloud cover, it’s shining on the March variety of snow – the dirty, muddy variety.

All kidding aside, we do love winter. We wouldn’t be who we are without it. And so, with the official first day of spring, at least theoretically we bid a fond farewell to our favorite season.

So, what do you think about this year’s lingering winter?

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8 Replies to “The first day of spring (theoretically)”

  1. No spring here in Appleton,WI. Might hit 30 this weekend.


    1. Sounds like our weather…


  2. Tue morning I got stuck in a snow drift while taking my grandsons to school. The snowplow helped me out. Today snow flurries with 18 degrees maybe a high of 28. I believe spring will come.


  3. yep lots of snow for the Northern people


    1. Yes, lots of snow indeed.


  4. Put the smackdown on some Steelhead over the weekend in that driving snow. My Kromer kept my noggin comfy. Even had to roof rake the cabin…again…
    Tell me…is it normal to have to shovel your roof in March?


    1. I guess whether or not it is normal depends on where you live!


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