Angela, SK Customer Service

We get a lot of great emails, facebook posts and blog comments from our customers. Every once in awhile, we get one so well-written and witty that it is too good not to share. This email came from a lovely gentleman named Rich and we asked him if it would be okay if we shared it with all of you. He was happy to oblige.

Dear Stormy Kromer,

I recently had an experience with your customer service that left me speechless.

I had a small issue with a Kromer I had recently purchased via the internet. I brewed a fresh cup of Folgers and sat down for what I was sure to come. Settled in, I called the customer service number, expecting to jump through the usual hoops…the voice prompts, the “please press 4 for customer service”…you know…the usual.

Angela, SK Customer Service

The Actual Angela

But something very odd happened, a person answered. A person with a pulse and vocal inflection and even a name! (Angela!) She asked me about my issue and then said, “Let me see about this with our shipping department.”

“Here we go,” I thought, “This is where I get handed off to Muzak-Land, never again to hear a live person…my problem forever unsolved.”

And then I heard something truly startling. I heard footsteps. Footsteps that led me to believe that someone, probably sweet Angela, was walking somewhere. WITH THE PHONE IN HER HAND! Why, she was walking to the shipping department! To solve my problem!!!! Angela, an actual person just walked over to where the shipping takes place and just, BOOM!, fixed my problem.

I was gobsmacked. I was not put on hold. I was not forwarded to another building or state or nation. I was not passed up the ladder. I was not talked to by a robot. I was treated like a, (you need to sit for this), like a real person! By a real person!

And then it was over. Angela and I exchanged a few kind pleasantries and it was done. I didn’t know how to behave. I hadn’t even touched my coffee and the problem was fixed to my great satisfaction.

Yet, I was ill at ease. My entire world view seemed canted at an odd angle. What could this mean? Customer Service that actually Services Customers? Why, it’s preposterous. What business would be precocious enough to still do things that way? What else will I have to rethink about my world?

And what of Angela? I felt there was so much unsaid between us. No verbal sparring, no sarcastic, “Well Sir…I’m sorry you feel that way.” It was over before it began…we walked to the shipping department together, she fixed everything and we went our separate ways.

So here I am, a bubble off plumb perhaps, but truly happy with my customer service.

Thanks again, Rich for taking the time to write us!

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12 Replies to “Treated Like a Person, By a Person”

  1. Thanks Angela, for being one of the reasons that I love SK and the folks that work there. I was glad to meet several folks there last September and It was a great pleasure for me and the friend that was there with me.


    1. We’re so glad that you’ve been able to visit us up here in the U.P. We’re very proud of our company and our employees.




    1. Sounds like a good plan Donald!


  3. kathie macchioni February 7, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    no surprise here. your company needs to reach out to others though. what you do, and how you do it: SHOULD be contagious.

    Personally? love my Stormy Kromer hats and choppers so much that sometimes i feel like a commercial when i am out and about and people ask me about them. no point saying keep up the good work, that would be redundant. 🙂


  4. Carol A. Decker February 7, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    Good job Angela, keep up the good work. That’s a big missing piece of the puzzle up here in many of the business’s, especially the restaurant business. It’s so pleasant when one finds someone that still knows what the words CUSTOMER SERVICE really mean an really do it. I know, I’ve been in customer service all my life.


  5. What a wonderful & funny letter from Rich! And so true! The Stormy Kromer “Krew” are awesome and so real. Very down to earth, helping in every way. Just love them!! Keep up the good work and pass it on……. hugs to all of you! Laura, Living Legend 2013


  6. Hi angela i love my stormy cromer, but it seams like it has streched out is there anything i can do other than buy a new one., its well broke in, cant wait for the spring one thanks


    1. Hi Gary – You can always try tying the tie just a little tighter. That usually works for small adjustments. When did you buy your cap?


  7. Steven Palmer March 6, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    Please send me some info on your new ice shelters, or give me a web site to find them.
    I was in your factory about 1 week ago and someone mentioned that you are making them.
    –Steve Palmer


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