What We’re Thankful For, by Stormy Kromer

From the slightly silly to the serious, and in no particular order, this is what we are thankful for here at Stormy Kromer this week.

Living Legend Finalists – After reading their stories, we think you’ll be thankful for people like these outstanding citizens too. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite.

Ida Kromer – Like most men, when Stormy needed some help, he turned to his wife. Without her, his idea may never have turned into reality. Now she’s finally getting her due with our expanding line of women’s products.

Sheep – Heck, without them, what would we make our legendary caps out of?

Our Employees – Without the dedicated men and women who cut, sew, package and ship our gear, Stormy Kromer Mercantile would not exist. For that, they deserve a tip of the hat.

Our Customers & Fans – We think we’ve got the best customers in the business. You appreciate the value of Made in the USA products, you faithfully spread the word about our gear and you share the best photos, videos and stories with us.

Snow – As much as we hate to admit it, we actually love that fluffy white stuff. The accumulation started last week, and now we’re counting down the days until there is enough for the cross country trails, ski hills, and snowmobile trails to open. Remember, you can now keep track of the snowfall at SK headquarters on our homepage.

From our family to yours, we’d like to wish you a safe, peaceful and most importantly, warm, Thanksgiving holiday.

What are you thankful for this week?

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7 Replies to “What We’re Thankful For, by Stormy Kromer”

  1. I am thankful for my family!! My dad passed away in April and this has brought us closer I think.


    1. Our condolences Candy. We are thankful for our families as well.


    2. Hey Candy,
      My dad started this sewing company in 1958 and while working with him since 1971, I learned the skills that were needed to buy Stormy Kromer 30 years later in 2001. Since 1983 dad has come here to help in any way that he could and for the past 15 years came to fill the cradboard trash compactor just for the exercise. He stopped coming in August of 2009 and passed away this past July at age 93. My two daughters and I miss him but promise to keep his memory alive through Stormy Kromer.
      Bob Jacquart


  2. I’m thankful for the nice buck I got Thurs morning Nov 17th
    The last day of bow hunting before Wisconsin’s 9 day gun deer season starts.I’m also thankful I had my Stormy Kromer rancher cap on that morning because it was 19 degrees when I went out that morning.There was also a little breeze that morning and the ear flaps on the Rancher cap worked just great, keeping my ears warm,but was still able to hear the buck sneaking in from behind me.He is the biggest buck I’ve gotten in 46 yrs of deer hunting.When you make the Rancher cap in camo I want to be the 1st to order one.Thanks for a great product!!


    1. Congratulations on the buck, Guy! Glad you had your Stormy.


  3. I am thankful for my family and the memories that I have shared with them over the years. In 1982 my father gave me his red/black plaid hunting outfit and I remember how gawdy and ‘old’ I thought it looked. It was given to him by his father so I have no idea just how old that suit is but I remember getting a new ‘modern’ camo outfit a few years later and learn a very important lesson about the qualities of wool. That original plaid suit, which I still have, had an old mackinaw kromer with it and over the years I wore it out. I mentioned to my wife that i was going to get a new one this year and had circled a dark charcoal and a blaze org Kromer in a catalog because I couldn’t make up my mind which one I wanted. On November 26th, my 41st birthday, She handed me a box with both Stormy Kromers in it. I think that was the best birthday gift I have ever gotten. My sons both want one now. Better call santa! Thanks for continuing to make a quality product, a happy customer and the kind of memories that last for generations!
    Mike Robinson
    Mayville, Michigan.


    1. Mike – we absolutely love stories like this. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your new caps!


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