Meet the Stormy Kromer Customer Service Gals

The only thing our Customer Service folks can’t do over the phone is serve you pie and coffee.

If you’ve got concerns, questions, or simply want to order a catalog, they’re the kind of folks you want to help you out. Extra-mile kind of people. People who love to sit and share a good story.

So, who are these lovely ladies?

(From the left…)

Kirsten Dowd has been in Customer Service for just about 2 years now. She’s the leader of this bunch and has a way with people that is practically unmatched. You’ll also notice her modeling SK gear on our website and in our catalog. (And her husband graces the cover of our current catalog.)

Katie Guglielmotto has a great connection to Stormy Kromer. You see, her mom, Mona, is one of the fine ladies who hand-sews our famous hats. Katie not only does a great job assisting customers, but she is also one of our finest factory tour-givers. Talk about a natural storyteller…

Angela Brannigan is a new addition to the crew, giving us a hand during the busy fall/winter/holiday season. She’s jumped in so well it feels like she’s been here forever!

Lori DeRosso does double duty for us, working both in Customer Service and accounting. (She also provides administrative support to our CEO, so let’s just say she’s a busy lady!) In addition, Lori’s daughter just started sewing on the Kromer production line.

Starr Higgins juggles multiple roles here at Stormy Kromer and does so beautifully. Not only will you hear her voice over the phone, you will also meet her in person if you happen to stop by our factory store. She’s the boss of our recently refurbished store and will help you find a hat in your perfect size.

Now that you’ve gotten to know our amazing customer service crew, as well as our designer, which other members of the Stormy Kromer team would you like to meet?

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9 Replies to “Meet the Stormy Kromer Customer Service Gals”

  1. These young ladies and their unmatched customer service skills are one of the main reasons that I sing the praises of Stormy Kromer to anyone who is interested. Thanks gals. Ya’ll are the best.


    1. Aw, shucks Mark. Thanks for the compliment!


  2. Jimmy Gene Seven November 4, 2011 at 12:19 am

    When is the Stormy girls calendar going to be available?


  3. Q: What’s better than FIVE (count ’em, FIVE) lovely ladies in customer service?

    A: Five lovely ladies…and TWO Stormy Kromer caps in my mailbox, one in red plaid and the other in Realtree AP!


  4. Katie Guglielmotto.

    Now I am able to see the nice young gal behind the great customer service.

    Many thanks to you Katie for getting me a new flannel shirt sent in advance of jack frosts arrival.

    Keep on doing great work,


    1. We’ll be sure to pass these words on to Katie. Thanks for sharing them Doug!


      1. Doug?

        Who is Doug??


        1. Sorry David, typing too fast and not paying attention! Meant to write David!!!


  5. I have told Bob J. this in person, but I”ll say it again here…….Your customer service staff-(and the rest of the staff)-are simply THE BEST !


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