Stormy Kromer featured in Country Living Magazine!

Over a year ago, we received a call from Country Living Magazine. We had several discussions with them about the history of our brand and where we are today. We had hoped they would publish an article last year, and we were pleasantly surprised when they contacted us again this summer. After a series of phone calls and emails discussing interesting dates in the history of our iconic brand, we were so excited to see this article in the November issue of the magazine, which is on newsstands now. With the Original Cap in Green/Black Plaid, we are proud to be their latest Made in America feature.

Thanks Country Living!

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  1. I read Country Living and have spent three days trying to pick a color and style. i want all of them …..alas, with the help of the great staff at Stormy Kramer, I just bought Moss cord. Can’t wait to get it to wear it. Thanks for your coverage Country Living.


    1. We hope you enjoy your cap!


  2. Cindy Puterbaugh October 22, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    I saw the hat on Country Living magazine, however, I could not find this particular color./style hat on the website. Is the hat pictured above the “moss cord”? – if so – how do I order it?


    1. Hi Cindy – This hat is our Original Cap in Green/Black Plaid. You can find it here: If you have any more questions, you can email us at or call us at 888.455.2253.


  3. ADDICTED!!! I own the Ida Kromer-Mapleberry & Chocolate for everyday and going to town. The Original Wool Stormy-Olive for hunting & fishing… and a Black-Rancher for everything cowgirl!!! I bought my daughter a Ida Kromer-Wintergreen and my son the Original Wool Stormy-Real Tree AP (Camo). They wear them everywhere! Sports, Cowboyin’/Cowgirlin’, Snowboarding… you name it! My husband has a Black-Rancher… and yes even the mother-in-law sports the so very cute Ida Kromer-Mapleberry. Warm, Comfortable, Quality, Good Lookin’… and MADE IN AMERICA. We are fans!


    1. Wow, a whole Stormy family! Thanks for your support!


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