Maybe it was the uncle who came back from the war, cleared his land and built a home out of timbers he split by hand. Or the little old neighbor-lady who killed a bear with a stick to protect a group of schoolchildren. Or maybe it’s just someone you know who has gone out of the way—way out of the way—to build a legendary life for themselves and those around them.

Either way, that’s who Stormy Kromer is seeking for its 2012 Living Legends Contest. Enter your grandma, your neighbor—heck, even your dog—and tell us why they’re a living legend by November 11, 2011.

As we previously shared, we will choose 10 finalists, then let you vote for the grand prize winner. The winner will receive:

a $500 Stormy Kromer gift certificate,

a feature in our 2012 catalog,

and a gift to the charity of their choice*.

Yes, we agree that this is a great prize.

So nominate the Living Legend in your life. We want to honor those folks who, like Mr. Kromer, have done extraordinary things and are living a legendary life. There are a lot legendary people out there and we want to hear about them and see how their stories might inspire others. We also think we can do a little good in their honor by donating a portion of our sales to their favorite charity.

Who are the Living Legends that you know? Please share in the comments below (after submitting the official nomination form of course!).

(Having trouble filling out the form? Be sure to save it to your computer first, then fill it out and save it.)

* Stormy Kromer will donate 3% of online sales from 1/9/12 through 1/31/12 to the charity of the winning legend’s choice.

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