Stormy Kromer Living Legend 2012

Nominee’s Name: Paul “Bunyan” Bjornson

Nominee’s Residence: Sugar Camp, WI

Nominee’s Email: iheartlogging@mail.ox

Please tell us in 750 words or less, why your nominee is a Stormy Kromer Living Legend: Paul was born and raised in Mercer, WI and spent his childhood fishing for walleye on many of the local lakes and flowages. He attended country school near Mercer, and after graduating, took a job as a woodshop instructor in Minocqua, a position he held for nearly 41 years.

Paul is a bighearted man, and although he is only 5’1″, his laughter and personality fill any room he is in. He was loved by all his woodworking students, who always looked up to him, at least when they were sitting.

Paul loves long walks in the woods with his dog, “Ox,” a blue healer he has had for many years. He is also a world-class whittler. He volunteers frequently and is a long-time donor at the Oneida County Forest Services Center. He attends The Church of the Good Sheppard in Sugar Camp, where he sings in the choir with a beautiful tenor voice. He loves flamenco dancing, reruns and cattle-herding.

Okay, okay, you’re right, there is no such person as Paul “Bunyan” Bjornson. Or maybe there is, but any resemblance of the above to a real person is completely coincidental. This nomination is, well, hogwash.

However, we know that there are many, many folks out there who are just as legendary as say, George and Ida Kromer. And we want to hear about them. And honor them. That’s why we’re launching Stormy Kromer Living Legend 2012 .

Read the details and official rules, then nominate anyone you know who is a living legend. Someone with a story that would make even Stormy himself crack a smile, or shed a tear. (And by golly, that didn’t happen often.)

Nominations are open through November 11, at which point Stormy Kromer employees will select 10 finalists. You will vote for the Grand Prize Winner. In addition to having the honor of being put in the same league of legendary-ness as George, the winner will get some other cool stuff, including a $500 Kromer gift certificate and a donation to the charity of their choice.

So feel free to share your thoughts below about being legendary, but be sure to fill out the official nomination form and submit it by November 11. We can’t wait to read your stories!

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