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KC Blog The Last Flight Edgar Castillo duck decoys hanging from a line next to the water

The Last Flight

For many folks, duck season has ended. The final days always seem to bring a mixture of jubilation and tribulation. The highs and lows of

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Man in a field motions for his black lab to run ahead of him on a cool, fall day.

Great Trainers Know No Time

Good handlers have the foresight to see that the process of training a dog is just that, a process. The fact is, there are no time restraints.

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A container sits on firewood in a forest at a camp site.

Confit Rabbit Pot Pie

The Confit Rabbit Pot Pie combines earthy and gamey flavors with home-cooked goodness with these simple steps and ingredients.

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Cole Chambers Made Like You
Made Like You

Made Like You: Cole Chambers

Cole Chambers, Muncie, Indiana: former professional bull rider, everyday conservationist, and avid outdoorsman. Once, for an agonizingly long stretch of eight seconds, Cole Chambers white

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Gifts for the Hunter
Gift Guides

2016 Gift Guide: For the Hunter

Hunters have long been at the core of Stormy Kromer’s customer base, and in recent years we’ve expanded our offerings in both blaze and camouflage.

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Behind the Scenes

Stormy Stories, Volume 2

Welcome to our next Stormy Stories post. In this series we’ll celebrate the unique, rugged, down-to-earth and genuine people we’re proud to call our customers.

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