Mayor Parker sits on a frozen lake in his Kromer gear

This is the story about my best friend and me, involving our shared passion for ice fishing. It all began when one of my best friends, who also happens to be the local wildlife officer, introduced me to this amazing winter activity. Initially, our outings on the ice were more about camaraderie than fishing, as we spent countless hours enjoying each other’s company without casting a line. 

However, one day as I sat there, contemplating the serenity of the frozen landscape, I decided it was time to give ice fishing a try.

With a newfound curiosity, I finally picked up the rod, and from that moment on, I was hooked – not only on the sport but also on the joy it brings me.

Fortunately, I have the perfect partner by my side throughout this icy adventure: Parker, my loyal and beloved four-legged friend. Every time I venture onto the frozen lake, Parker eagerly joins me, his tail wagging in excitement. He revels in exploring the ice, darting in and out of the fishing tent, and ensuring that we stake out the best spot.

Parker’s presence elevates our ice-fishing expeditions. He faithfully fulfills his duties, such as keeping my feet warm during those biting cold days or snuggling up with me inside the cozy tent. With his Stormy Kromer blanket and stuffed animal nestled beside him on the cot, Parker exemplifies the ideal fishing buddy. As we fish away on the ice, I share my thoughts and engage in spirited conversations. It is as if Parker understands every word, listening intently with his bright, attentive eyes.

Parker’s extraordinary passion for ice fishing does not go unnoticed. His adventures on the ice have caught the attention of the Scheels Pro Staff Ice Fishing Team, who promptly welcome him into their esteemed ranks. Additionally, Parker became an ambassador for Eskimo Ice Fishing, Stormy Kromer, and WSI Sports, spreading his love for the sport through his engaging social media posts. But the pinnacle of Parker’s ice fishing journey arrived when the Colorado Division of Wildlife bestowed a remarkable honor upon him. 

In a momentous press conference held in May, Parker was awarded the prestigious Master Angler Award for his giant 36″ Lake Trout he reeled in with me back in March. The recognition serves as a testament to Parker’s unwavering dedication and his unwritten role as an ambassador for the sport.

It’s clear that Parker’s companionship enriches my ice fishing experiences beyond measure. His presence, warmth, and unspoken understanding make every ice fishing expedition a cherished memory. 

Together, we continue to explore frozen lakes, immersed in the tranquility of winter, forging a bond that transcends words. And so, with fishing rods in hand and hearts full of anticipation, we venture forth into the frosty wonderland, eager to create more unforgettable stories on the ice.

A dog wearing a stormy kromer cap laying on a fishing case

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